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For unbeatable performance, style, and speed… choose Concept Boats.

Concept Boats, headquartered in South Florida, is the premier builder of offshore boat models, cuddy cabin boats, and center console boats, designed for fishing, diving, or pleasure.

At Concept Boats we are proud to offer tough, lasting construction on every boat we build, in addition to the features that are important to our clients, customized to meet their unique needs. Our commitment to outstanding workmanship is apparent in every aspect of the manufacturing process – from durable materials to inventive designs to the beautiful graphics our company is known for. Our boats are built to withstand the harsh offshore environment, which as any experienced boater can attest to, is dramatically intensified at high speeds. Our versatile boats perform as well under these conditions as they do cruising with the family.

We currently offer the following boats in fishing, sport, sport deck, and 4400 models:

Fishing Models      

     •    Concept 23 CC      

     •    Concept 27 CC      

     •    Concept 30 CC      

     •    Concept 32 CC       

     •    Concept 36 CC - Open Deck

Sport Models      

     •    Concept 23 CC      

     •    Concept 27 CC     

     •    Concept 30 CC      

     •    Concept 32 CC      

     •    Concept 36 CC      

     •    Concept 36 Open Deck      

     •    Concept 36 Dual Console

Sport Deck Models      

     •    30 Sport Deck

4400 Models      

     •    4400 Concept Sport Yacht

Whether enjoying relaxing family outings or diehard tournament fishing, no other boat on the market can compare with the performance, versatility, and value of a Concept Boat. So what are you waiting for? Search our extensive listings of both new and used inventory, and get out on the water today!



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The 23' deep V 22 Degree dead-rise hull bottom will perform with a single motor at top end speeds of 50 to 63+ mph depending on power.

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